Straight & Curved Stairlift Rentals

Home Stairlift Understand That Some Need a Stairlift for a Short Period of Time:

  • Waiting for Surgery
  • Recovery From Surgery
  • Visiting Family
  • Palliative Care at Home
  • Devi-UP Curve Rentals
    • Minimum 3-Months
    • HURGE Cost Saving vs Buying
    • HST Exempt
    • Tax Deductible
    • Select Curve Staircase Layouts
  • Pinnacle Straight Rentals
    • Minimum 1-Month
    • Save $300 with 3-Month Contract
    • 3 Months Rent Paid Credited to Purchase
    • HST Exempt &┬áTax Deductible
    • Try Before you Buy

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