Stair Lift Canada

Stair Lift Canada

The current baby boomers have 10,000 new 65-year-olds every day. This statistic will be the case for the next decade. 90% of today’s older citizens have an interest in maintaining their current home. Who does not want to live in their home to enjoy their amenities and families into old age?

A home is full of memories that we do not want to throw away due to the fear of growing old. Residential stair lifts near Ontario Canada are quickly becoming the solution for people who wish to access to their homes at all times. While most people are strong enough to walk five or six stairs, it may not be easy to carry groceries and other items into the house. Which stairlift in Canada do you need? Is it the curved or the straight one?

Special features about our stairlifts

  • Ability to fold
  • A manual option and power option to move the elevator and fold the footrest
  • A wireless control system to allow multiple uses
  • Smooth option
  • The lifts attach to the rail and not the wall
  • All the models can work well with different materials of stairlifts, such as wood, metal, concrete or tiles

Stairlifts from Home Stair Lift

Straight chair lift sales in Canada

A straight staircase usually has a straight rail, and the opposite is valid for a staircase with bends. Each staircase needs a stairlift that adapts to its features. Our consultant measures the stairs and walks you through all our precise models.

The difference with a straight stairlift is you only need one that bends or turns at the bottom and top of the staircase. The lifts do not bend, twist, or have a particular landing for an angle on the stairs. The Canada Ontario chair lift installer ensures you have enough landing space at the ends so that you can use the sit with ease. Each of our straight lifts has a compact and discreet shape that allows others to use the remaining space on the staircase. We install the exact cut for your rail and height of the stairs.

We have two straight stairlifts:

  • Pinnacle – It has a narrow width and is one of the most popular and comfortable options in North America
  • Horizon – The stairlift is compact and is popular because it has a more seat area that is more accommodative.

Curved stairlifts for sale

This lift has the perfect bend and fits for many different curved options. It would help if you had a curved stairlift to handle a complicated architectural setting. You do not need two straight stairlifts for two straight rails with a landing in the middle. The curved stairlift from Home Stair Lift will move up and down the track in one continuous motion.

Curved lifts allow bending to any direction, for safe parking and optimal space and safety. Curved models do not always have the same track fitting, and some will be too wide to lay against the staircase. Conversely, both the Ultimate and Platinum curved stairlift in Canada has a tailored fitting.

Contact us on 416-424-6607 if you want to enjoy a healthy and active future in your home. We will give you a free quote on stairlifts for the house and discuss other details that will ease installation and use.  


Stair Lift Canada

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