How much does a stairlift cost?

There are many different types of stairlifts and the cost for a unit will depend on several factors:

Straight vs Curved Stairlifts


$2,400 to $3,500


Simple 90° turn – $9,900 to $11,500
More complex – $10,000 and up
In some cases, we can install multiple low cost straight stairlifts when your stairs include a turn with a landing.

Standard vs Upgrade Options

All stairlifts come with everything you need for safe, reliable stairlift operation. However, there are upgrade options available that can impact the price.

Service Plans and Warranty

Not all Warranty and Service plans are created equal. Some companies will reduce the length of their warranty to lower the price.

Our Warranties

All Our Lifts Come with a Lifetime on the Motor & Gear box

New Lifts:  5-years on Parts & Labour.
Used Lifts: 1-years on parts and labour.
See our detailed warranty here.

Installation and Buy Back

The cost of installing a stairlift can be a hidden cost.


$300.00 to $450.00
(We waive installation costs with the purchase of a lift without renting it first.)
We also guarantee that we’ll provide a buyback offer on all stairlifts purchased from us once you no longer need it.

New/Used or Rental

We provide options to fit your need and budget.

Rental Fees

(Min. 1 Month Rental)
Straight: $275.00 to $375.00 per month
Curved*: $3,250.00 for three months (min. 3 month rental)

Try Before-You-Buy

Up to three months rental fee credited to your final purchase price.
Used fully certified stairlifts available
*qualification needed