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Article provided by: The Holistic Sanctuary

A lot of people who are suffering from addiction and seeking a residential treatment program are often left with the big question “how will my days look like while receiving treatments?” When you visit The Holistic Sanctuary High End Rehab, you will spend a good portion of your time on therapies, which includes individual and group therapy.

During individual therapy, a medical therapist works with you one-on-one to identify the underlying or significant cause of your substance abuse disorder. With group therapy, you are joined by other patients undergoing the same treatment program. Group therapy impacts you with various experiences from expressive art therapies to cognitive behavioural therapy groups.

Getting the Most from the Group

Irrespective of the kind of group treatment utilized, effort on the patient’s part is highly required to maximize the effectiveness of the therapy. In most addiction recovery groups, every member must take a pledge and are expected to get fully involved and share their own experiences during each meeting.

The pledge consists of what is expected of every group member, and also including their responsibilities to the group. Actively participating in group activities is vital. We all know there are times when individuals don’t feel like talking or being vulnerable, and that’s quite alright.      

How opened and often a person contributes to group discussions would determine how much he or she would gain from the group. Personal relationships and trust can be built when a person shares personal experience with the group and it has a positive impact on other group members as well. 

Effects of Group Therapy in Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Group therapy is known to play a vital role in drug and alcohol addiction recovery for many decades and still proving to be very useful. Listed below are significant reasons why you shouldn’t avoid participating in group therapy when treating drug and alcohol addiction;

  • Being a part of a group therapy program places amidst several other persons who encourage you, and help you achieve your set goals towards your addiction recovery.
  • A member of your group therapy might put up a challenge with which he or she is facing. You might have a similar difficulty, and you only see it from your perspective. While addressing someone else’s problem, you might then see yours from a new perspective, eventually bringing an easy way out to what seems challenging.
  • Working with different people in group therapy helps experiment with new behaviours. New ways of thinking can be tried out, and also a new way of relating to others before returning into the world. You’ll abandon the old misleading myths that you’re alone in your thoughts and feelings because it’s likely some other patients share your experience.
  • Working in a group is one natural way to overcome any problem, including addiction. Humans are made to grow and learn in the presence of others. Then, therapy mustn’t be different.

Group work could either be a stand-alone therapy or included in multiple treatment programs; nevertheless, it can be of more exceptional help in the recovery process of an addict. Group treatment allows participants to avoid isolation, feel supported and positive pressure from group members, learn from trial and achievement of others, and to have a family-like environment with other patients.

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