Here is What We Are Doing

At Home Stairlift Rentals & Sales, our top priority is the health and safety of our staff, customers and suppliers, while operating in these uncertain times.

We are diligently monitoring all updates from reliable and valid Government sources and adjusting our operations accordingly as advised by all levels of Governments.

In complying with the latest Government and Public Health Official advices on the Coronavirus (Covid-19),  we have put in place heavy emphasis on safe work practices and protocols to ensure safety for all parties involved, while maintaining the essential services our clients rely on.

Steps We are taking:

  • Requesting any of our staff member with symptoms to stay at home and self-isolate to ensure the protection and well-being of all our colleagues, clients and their families.
  • Where possible, all our staff are working from home to minimize our contact with each other.
  • Q&A session will be conducted over the phone with all our clients prior to booking the appointment, to ascertain whether any symptoms are present, travels or community movement and to ensure the minimum number of people are present during the time of the appointment.
  • During the in-home appointment or service, we ask our clients to provide all the space needed around our working staff to ensure a fast and efficient visit.  During this time, please ensure to keep a 2 meters physical distance from our working staff member(s).
  • We will put on all necessary Personal Protective Equipment to protect our working staff and our clients and will also be sanitizing our hands before entering the place of service.
  • During any service work conducted in the home, our working staff will wipe and clean all surfaces they may come in contact with.
  • Personal hygiene cleaning will take place prior to and after any exchange of paperwork required with our clients.


The Home Stairlift Rentals Team